Lark Davis Says Polkadot’s Upcoming Auction Will Be a Huge Event

The Polkadot auction program will be a huge event according to Lark Davis.
This moves in line with his previous statement that he doesn’t “mind using DOT over other top cryptos available”.

Amid how the crypto community has geared up for the long-awaited Polkadot (DOT) auction, the seasoned crypto analyst Lark Davis has just mentioned that the DOT incoming auction event will be an astounding program than expected.

In fact, Davis’ statement directly favors Polkadot as there are still at least two weeks for the auction event to roll out. This could bring a great treat and good time for the entire Polkadot community and more especially the DOT’s influencers.

Seriously though, $dot auctions 2 weeks away, going to be HUGE!

— Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark) October 31, 2021

In many ways, Davis’ actions and his series of tweets about Polkadot of late shows that he is a full-time influencer and a die-hard fan for DOT. Even just recently, he mentioned that he doesn’t mind using Polkadot despite other top cryptos available. In essence, all this shows that Davis’ interest in DOT never seems to fade away in any way.

With this, many are wondering if Davis’ bullish consecutive tweets can push DOT mainstream adoption or bring something better to the DOT coming auction. At the moment, we can’t tell the behind-the-scenes. All that we can just say is that time will tell the outcome when the time is due.


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